Tutorial // How to Setup Google Analytics Goals

Tutorial // How to Setup Google Analytics Goals

Learn how to use Google Analytics goals to track your website conversions. In this video, you’ll learn how to classify goals into macro and micro conversions, ways to assign goal values and how to configure destination (or page-based) goals inside Google Analytics.

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10 thoughts on “Tutorial // How to Setup Google Analytics Goals”

  1. Hello, I clicked verify and it still says 0% when I am tracking a contact (/thank-you) conversion. I received 2 form submissions today and still not registering. Does it only track the data moving forward even though it says to verify?

  2. Really you actually explained each and every step very nicely and it was clear to me in the fist go itself. Very nicely informed and that is what i exactly wanted to know about. Thank you for sharing this video.

  3. Great content! Thank you! It would be really interesting to see how goals work in real time. For example: how the goal gets triggered, if someone runs through the lead generation process on your site. I think this would make your tutorial even more easy to understand and less theoretical. Thanks for your efforts and keep put the great work!

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