Unbounce: How to Add Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)

Unbounce: How to Add Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to add dynamic text replacement (DTR) in Unbounce so that you can get more relevant clicks, higher ad position, quality score, and so on for your PPC ads.

The way it works is that if someone types something into Google/Microsoft search and it triggers your ad, the keyword that triggered your ad will show in your landing page.

So not only can you make the keyword show up in your ad, but you can now make it show in your landing page as well.

Better yet, you can make the keyword, querystring, ad group name, and so on show up as well – doesn’t have to be limited to just the keyword.

You just need to make sure that the token is available in your advertising service, such as {keyword}, {querystring}, or {adgroup} for Microsoft ads.

And the way you set up this dynamic text replacement is pretty simple – you select the text that you want to dynamically alter, click on “action” on the right-hand side, then click on “dynamic text replacement”.

This will allow you to set the default text, select the title case (all caps, all lowercase, title case, sentence case), and enter the name of your parameter.

The parameter can be anything at all, you just write out the “word” that would be easy for you to remember and that matches the token you are planning on using with it and that’s it.

In our case, we set “keyword” as the parameter we were planning on using for the {keyword} token.

We set “monkey” as the parameter for the {querystring} token (for illustration purposes), and we set “adgroup” as the parameter for the {adgroup} token.

Now that you have done that, you take the URL that you generated from creating the custom domain for your landing page in one of our previous videos, and then add these appendages to the end of it.

So for example if your website is www.website.com, and you want to add the {keyword} token to replace your headline or other text with the keyword, your new URL you would add into Google or Microsoft Ads would look like:


And that’s pretty much that’s all there is to it!

If you want to add more tokens, you would separate them out with ampersands.

So if you want to add something after the keyword, you would write your website as follows based on the parameter we added for our querystring:


If you want to add the {adgroup} token, you would add:


In our cases, the parameter matched the token name, but it really doesn’t have to at all.

This final URL is what you would put as the final URL into Google/Microsoft Ads if these were the 3 tokens you wanted to have replaced in your landing page.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. Hello, Ivan I am new to PPC and your videos have been very helpful a I am about to launch my first ppc campiagn. I am just wondering if you have any books or podcasts that you can recommend for ppc. Thank you in advance

  2. Thank you much for the helpful tutorial. How does the final clickmagick url would look like in the bing tracking template section and also primary url in clickmagick. Thank you in advance

  3. I feel like DTR is a powerful thing but it's not developed enough for reliability. If we use Google Ads {keyword}, we limit what type of keywords we can use because we are constantly worry about if it will make out landing page look stupid eg: "house cleaning cleaning services".

  4. plz i hve a question : when we finish dynamic in the LP we need to modify our final url ? i mean rewriting it in the compaing ?
    am so confused sorry 😅 i rewatch the video but still this question on my mind

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