Understanding Attribution Models in Google Analytics

Understanding Attribution Models in Google Analytics

Learn about the different standards attribution models available inside Google Analytics and how to use the Model Comparision Tool to compare models.

EXTRA RESOURCE –Guide to Google Analytics Attribution Models: https://www.lovesdata.com/blog/google-analytics-attribution-models


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10 thoughts on “Understanding Attribution Models in Google Analytics”

  1. You said sth wrong if you expect a longer lead time, fist attribution model definitely worth considering because it shows how to value the first click.

  2. This guy knows what he is doing. Even Google Support documentation didn't make it clear what is the default attribution model in GA reports. But after watching this video, I know it is Last Non-Direct Click.

  3. Hi Ben, can I ask for clarification about Last non-direct attribution?
    it will credit to the previous channel even the last touch is not direct right?
    ei: organic search -> social -> email marketing (then purchased)
    so the credit goes to social?
    we're using Universal Analytics


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