Update on Clicks Geek Google Ads Agency

Update on Clicks Geek Google Ads Agency

Google Ads Agency | An Update on Clicks Geek

Just a quick Clicks Geek Update: Our agency has been growing steadily and we’ve been super busy!
We are going to start doing live videos shortly! So be sure subscribe to stay updated on when we are going live.

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4 thoughts on “Update on Clicks Geek Google Ads Agency”

  1. Hi Ed, I’m following you guys since 3 days, I bought your Google Ads course the first day I saw you guys after binge eating the whole day your videos.

    I didn’t had any clue of how AdWords works, I was a Facebook Ads guy, but now I definitely transition into Google Ads.

    I didn’t knew nothing before, now I’m on Module 14 and I feel like I’m an expert without launching any campaign, I can spot easily bad setup campaigns and reach out to them.

    I already have one solid lead in the roofing company which I know nothing about but will figure it out as well.

    Thank you for the value you bring to our lives, I love how you simplify things I can see that you read a lot and it makes me read again.

    And thanks to Rob as well, his explanations are very clear and I can see he have been doing that for a long time, amazing skills for optimization.

    And if one subscriber is reading this comment and didn’t bought the course: stop browsing here and get the course and start the work!! The best thing you’ll buy and worth 10 times the price !!

    Thank you for that and I hope you’ll do an agency course to help more with onboarding process, more leads generation for agencies and how to keep them in the long-term and scale a team.

    Thanks again!! Will definitely white label with you one I’ve enough clients and can’t handle everything by myself!

    Diaka from Paris

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