Update to Google Data Studio GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Connector

Update to Google Data Studio GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Connector

Google’s recent update to the GA4 (Google Analytics 4) data connector in Google Data Studio means you can now access additional dimensions, including source, medium, and default channel grouping. In this video, you will learn how to access the new dimensions in your existing reports.

○ Google Data Studio tutorial –https://youtu.be/FkxaBRiXlVc
○ Connect GA4 to Data Studio –https://youtu.be/5c-oHym_Lpg
○ Set targets in Data Studio –https://youtu.be/7YakUIE6ifU
○ Getting started with GA4 –https://youtu.be/iJyGEuiIjOk
○ Google Data Studio course (paid) –https://www.lovesdata.com/courses/google-data-studio

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3 thoughts on “Update to Google Data Studio GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Connector”

  1. Super quick reacting! This was a main headache to have before.

    I have an issue where my traffic that comes from UTM links properly set up (source and medium for Facebook and social respectively) is losing these properties as the user moves from the landing page to the 2nd page. It gets replaced to referral traffic! So, mostly all of my conversion events are being attributed to referral… Also, I believe GA4 is tracking only 10% of traffic that comes from social.

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