User ID in Google Analytics – Here’s What You Need To Know

User ID in Google Analytics – Here’s What You Need To Know

Learn the benefits of implementing the Google Analytics User ID feature, including how it provides deeper insights into your audience and a technique you can use even if you don’t ask people to log in on your website.

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10 thoughts on “User ID in Google Analytics – Here’s What You Need To Know”

  1. Thank you for the useful tutorial: I have a concern when I follow your steps I get an error toled me "Unknown variable “Subscriber ID” found in a tag. Edit the tag and remove the reference to the unknown variable", but if I delete the {{}} and keep the Subscriber ID Without them I get no errors while enabling the Preview mode.

    My question is how to know if I did it correctly because I have no visitors (just created it for practice)

  2. They track visitors "ID" even if the person haven't logged into their google account on that website. The spying and tracking by Google is beyond creepy and websites/business using it are just helping their spying efforts. I did not agree to have my visit and my clicks recorded and assigned to my persona. I'm sorry but I just had a really creepy encounter with a sales person about my purchase of my product where they indicated what I've looked for online regards to similar products ON COMPLETELY different websites. WTF. This is getting out of control.(or I guess Google is the one IN CONTROL now huh)

  3. @Firebase I can not find the settings screen in 03:25 in the admin section. Did you move it somewhere else? Also there is no User-id condition under "other" for creating a custom audience. Help needed

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