Webflow Tutorial for Beginners (2022 Full Tutorial) – Create A Custom Professional Website

Webflow Tutorial for Beginners (2022 Full Tutorial) – Create A Custom Professional Website

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Webflow is among the fastest growing ways to build a website and for good reason! Read more below

With more customization control than Wix and Squarespace, but less complicated than WordPress, Webflow is the Goldilocks for many people.

Whether you are working at a large company, small business, or for yourself, we are excited to share our weekly 5-Point Marketing Monday with you! This includes our favorite gear, tips, experts, quotes, questions, and thoughts for this week to get your week started on a successful week. Enjoy!

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0:00 Getting Started
5:45 Understanding the Dashboard
11:40 Adding & Editing Text/Buttons/Images
20:30 Adding Layout Bundles
21:40 Understanding Navigation and Organizing Your Site
23:00 Upgrading Your Site
26:00 Website View Settings
26:30 Mobile/Desktop/Tablet Site
31:00 Animations and Interactions
37:00 Project Settings (Logo, SEO, etc.)
41:50 Starting From A Template

Design and build websites, CMS sites, and e-commerce sites (originally just websites)
Create new project (with a blank canvas, or with a template)
Great for quick landing pages, or anything

Webflow – #madeinwebflow examples on site

Webflow is responsive, so desktop/mobile/tablet all look great

Go to settings (top left under dashboard)
General, Hosting, SEO, forms, etc.
Fonts are easily integrated with Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, and allow your own (watch out for load speed)
Backups are automatic
Transfer option (send project to people)
Publish (custom domain or messy temp domain)
Go back to designer
Click and drag things from the left panel into the screen
Rename items in the Selector field on the right
Use style on the right to change style
Add layouts for a photo, title, text combo
Save some as symbols to duplicate common itemss
Change things in settings for each size, and it works for everything smaller (Tablet stuff applies to mobile, etc.)
Layout tree
Add pages into folders
Name page
SEO settings on page
Edit attributes
eCommerce and CMS buttons (for future videos)
Your photos, logos, etc.
Top right – CODE EXPORT

RIGHT SIDE OPTIONS (other than just editing)
Add a link in nav bar
Hold alt to adjust two paddings at once
Hold shift+alt to adjust all paddings at once
Right side tab (lightning bolt)

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  2. Remarks:
    5:46 start
    7:00 adding sections and change styling (set image as background)
    7:46 assets + change section size (alt + slide on padding)
    9:33 change images options (cover)
    10:45 add containers to section + some styling
    13:33 more image settings
    14:15 little introduction to position properties
    16:10 naming containers, columns
    16:50 some fast button styling
    18:15 add styling to other buttons
    18:20 some more styling
    20:05 move on to explain menu on the left side
    20:45 layouts intro
    21:36 intro to symbols
    21:50 intro to navigation
    22:20 intro to pages + plan discussion
    25:00 more assets
    25:30 settings
    26:00 view related things at the bottom left
    26:45 views explained
    29:30 some extra things explained
    31:10 more settings (animations)
    31:55 on hover
    33:15 start an animation
    35:10 header settings
    37:00 project settings
    38:00 SEO settings + some more settings
    42:00 templates
    44:30 link button to something

  3. Nah, sorry, can't follow that, you keep wandering all over the place and zooming your mouse all over the screen and talking non-stop and not actually teaching anything.

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