What Color Your Add to Cart Button Should be For Optimal Conversions!

What Color Your Add to Cart Button Should be For Optimal Conversions!

Red, Orange, Green or maybe even Pink? In this video we figure out what color your add to cart button should in for your eCommerce store!

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In this article, we will finally give you the answer to the age old question, What color should my “Add to Cart” button be? We will show why certain colors are preferable and offer advice on which to use for your e-commerce business.

Colors play a significant role in the e-commerce business, especially with the set-up of the website and the templates used for the site. There are colors which can have a psychological effect on customers and make them feel more comfortable in the site, other colors send the wrong signals and may not match the tone of the products you are selling. These colors must be selected properly to avoid sending the wrong message to intending buyers.

What color should your ‘Add to Cart button be?

Should it be red, green, purple, or yellow? The simple answer to this pressing question is that it depends on so many different factors. A lot of people as what color should be used on their Add to Cart button, but the question should be asked about the site. For instance, the cart should be in a color that contrasts the main color of the page to give it a better highlight. Consider a website with a green background, a red color cart would contrast the green color. Use the color wheel to be sure which color will contrast correctly. Every color which is in a horizontal line and is facing another color will most likely contrast properly. An orange background will contrast with a blue background, and a yellow background will contrast with a purple background. This will ensure that the “add to cart button” stands out and is easily seen by the intending customers.


There is always an exception to this color rule, consider a site with a predominantly white background and a pink “add to cart button.” The color rule will not apply here because the area where the cart is situated does not have a lot of pink around the area where the cart is located, and so it draws the eye. The “add to cart button” must be eye-catching and this is a subliminal way of attracting the customers to make a purchase. If they cannot see this option, they may just look and move away. A lot of e-commerce sites make the mistake of allowing their customer search for their “add to cart button” for over seven seconds and in this time, the client must have changed his/her mind about making a purchase on a difficult site.

Size of the “add to cart button.”

Make the button large enough and visible to be seen by anyone who enters the site and the color you eventually pick which may contrast the background color should be simple and not too flashy. If you succeed in selecting a perfect color to match your products for sale and the background of the site, you may manage to get a subliminal message across to your potential buyers, and they can quickly make a purchase on your e-commerce site.

When picking a color for your “add to cart button” take into account the background colors or the predominant colors to ensure that the button is not too small and not too obvious. Try as much as possible to keep the cart button simple and yet elegant.
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  1. Hi, Iam new to your channel as well as to ecommerce .
    Can you please show me how to shake the Add to cart button and it would be nice to show me too how to change the color of Add to cart button. I have no idea about coding.
    Thank you

  2. Hi, I made price table in WordPress and installed woocommerce. I have also added button "ADD TO CART"

    Actually, i am asking, How to make "Add to Cart" button works. If someone clicks on Add to cart button then it should be added to cart.

    Please help me, bro. How to do this.

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