What Is Postback URL or S2S Conversion Tracking & How It Works *Detailed Explanation!*

What Is Postback URL or S2S Conversion Tracking & How It Works *Detailed Explanation!*

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Hey all!

In this video, I explain to you the workings behind the postback URL – what it is, how it works, and how you use it to track sales.

Up until now, you have probably seen countless of articles and FAQs telling you how to set up a postback URL with specific sources, but you have no idea how it all makes sense and you just memorize the important facts.

Well in this video I would like to offer you an explanation that would make this process more intuitive to you so that you can make sense of this for your future endeavors with the postback URL.

For starters, let’s start off with the basics – why should we use the postback URL?

Well, because it’s just more reliable than pixels sometimes.

If you are adding a pixel to a site that has 1000 other pixels there from other members, you may have more luck just setting up a postback URL integration (server to server) between the third party tracking tool and the affiliate network.

This is because the site could get slow, or, the pixel may just not fire, as is usually the case with ClickBank for some reason.

So what a postback is, is basically a communication between a third party tracking tool and the affiliate network, in a way that the affiliate network, upon generating a sale, posts back that sale to the tracking tool which originated the click (thus the ‘postback URL’).

The way it does that is by tracing back the click ID that was generated via a specific tracking link, and attributing a sale to that link that contributed to the sale based on the click ID.

A click ID is basically just a ‘click number’ that is generated as your visitors visit your landing page or whatever page you take them to.

Just as a person receives a ticket number and waits in line for something in an important building, the same works here in that users generate this same ‘ticket’ upon clicking this link.

As they carry this click ID from page to page, when a sale is made, the link that first generated that click ID would receive the sale show up.

In my example, I use ClickMagick to show that once you select your affiliate network, you are given automatically a postback URL that you need to add to that affiliate network’s back end.

Once you do that, the affiliate network will know where it needs to attribute the sale to.

And then with the use of the click ID setup, it will also know which specific tracking link to attribute the sale to.

So YOU are the machine that creates these ‘tickets’ and allows users to create a click ID in order to track sales for yourself as they arrive.

And that is what a postback URL/S2S conversion tracking is!

That’s it!

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  1. Hey Ivan! What if the person clicks, arrives on the landing page but then quits the session. Later, after consedering the purchase for a little, he comes back through a Google search or manually typing in the URL (and not via the same link of the advertiser). Will this conversion be tracked?

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