What to Look at in Facebook Ads, Metrics, Columns and Breakdown

What to Look at in Facebook Ads, Metrics, Columns and Breakdown

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In this video, we are going to talk about the different Facebook metrics that you can look at including the columns in the breakdown. I am going to show you a bunch of different stuff and what they actually mean. So, let’s start with the default one which is performance. You probably already have a decent idea of what is going on here. But, I will just review it really quickly so we can see that the results is depending on what kind of campaign you are running. So, for this one I want conversions. This one I want leads filled out. This one I wanted link clicks. This one I wanted page likes and this one I wanted video views. So the result is whatever the type of campaign it is, the type of ads running, it will show you the results right there. The reach is how many people actually saw it. You can see – yeah here, you know, different numbers of people show all these different results. The cost here is the amount per conversion or per lead form which is very helpful. Then we have the amount spent which is the total amount of money spent on that type of ad. So, that is the performance.
Now, before I move on I want to show you the breakdown because I think the breakdown is really cool. It actually shows its segments basically. If I were to click age, for instance, it also shows remarketing and you can see some pretty valuable data. For instance, 65 plus, we are not going to get a lot of conversions. So I might want to eliminate that. It looks like the sweet spot is right in the 45 to 54 to 35 to 44. This is actually for a remarketing campaign so what I have done in the past is segmented my ad sets and that was before they have this breakdown functionality. So, now, I don’t really mean just I do not need to segment that as much because I can just segment it right here. I used to segment it by age. Now, and we can see here that the sweet spot here is 35 to 44. We have got a lot of people there so this just starts to give me an idea of the kind of people I want to target. You can also break it down by gender for me. Of course, it is going to be highly female. See the female is cheaper and there is a lot more of them. You can break it down by age and gender, county, region, platform placement, product ID and all these different things. To make everything simpler for now, I am going to click “None.”
So, we can go over the rest of the columns. Let’s look at Delivery next. This can be very beneficial because you can see the frequency here. Now, I have had different people tell me different things on what the frequency numbers should be. I am a fan of probably not going over 4 as your frequency because the frequency is how often someone sees it reaches – how many people saw it. So, for instance, the remarketing ad – almost 15,000 people have seen it and on average those 15,000 people will see it 4.2. So, at a certain point you have to realize that if they are out converting, they are not ever going to convert. Some people would say to go as high as 7. I have even one person who says 15 percent. It really depends. Sometimes maybe you only want to show it to them once and if they have not converted by the first time, you know, stop showing them. That is definitely going to result in cheaper clicks but you are not going to necessarily get everybody that you want to convert. So, cost per thousand people reach.
This is interesting, too. You can look at some of the different numbers here. It depends on the type of add it is for, whatever reason. Actually, my remarketing has been pretty expensive – Total number of impressions and then the cost per thousand impressions here. So, that is for the delivery and this is very helpful.
My favorite thing from here is looking at the frequency – how often people are seeing it because if you see that number creep up really high, it is going to start getting more expensive because Facebooks is showing ads to people over and over again. That is a bad user experience for the Facebook user and Facebook does not want that.
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  1. Thank you for your great explanation, could you please tell me why it doesn't show an ad that supposedly got a purchase. What i mean for that is, I got an order using a Campaign with 4 AdSet and no one of them is showing the purchase information why?

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