What’s Going on with Google & Facebook?…

What’s Going on with Google & Facebook?…

Google and Facebook are up against some big changes right now in Australia and what happens now will have huge impacts on the platforms and the future of the Internet globally.

Google has threatened to pull out of the Australian market and Facebook may also stop delivering news on our newsfeed…a reaction against the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) and Australian Government’s media bargaining code. As of early 2021, Facebook has banned any news articles shared on the platform.

This is a pretty important topic that has big consequences, so I thought I’d shed more light on what’s happening and feel free to share this around if you think it’s important too! What’s Going on with Google & Facebook in Australia?…


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10 thoughts on “What’s Going on with Google & Facebook?…”

  1. ๐Ÿค” So which side are you on and why? Watch this space, because this is a growing issue that will affect all of us. I think it's important we're all aware of what's happening and get some open discussion going before changes are ACTUALLY made. But as I always say, make sure you diversify ad platforms!

  2. Just use Bing search is the best option or Qwant, Yahoo, Duckduckgo which I don't quite like but it is a option and when it comes to Facebook just don't use it ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. How many social media pros are having to reduce their footprint on social media I wonder. I stopped using facebook personally in 2013 and have deleted my IG and Twitter accounts in the past month. My phone looks sad (LOL) but I am mentally much happier with all facebook & twitter apps off my phone now. Anyone else?

  4. Me – "I am not a robot" —> Web Page – "Please tick all the boxes with traffic lights" —> Me – "Duh, OK" —> Web Page – "Now tick all the boxes with mountains" –> Me – "Duh, OK" –> Google – "Thanks for training our driverless cars!" –> Me – "Duh, What now?"

  5. great opportunity for the two tech giant, to shut down their connection with the original media companies, and to start creating/investing into their own news company?

  6. I think all businesses should just go back to good old fashioned advertising in person, t.v paid adds and just simply boycott all these other scammers that take your money yet control your business views and outcome by placing you on the back burner

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