Why Direct Linking Doesn’t Work (Most of the Time) & When to Direct Link vs. Use a Landing Page

Why Direct Linking Doesn’t Work (Most of the Time) & When to Direct Link vs. Use a Landing Page

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Hey all!

In this video, I share with you the truth about why direct linking to offers doesn’t work most of the time and how to decide whether you need to direct link, use a landing page, or an optin page.

For those who are unsure, direct linking is the practice of sending traffic straight to the affiliate offer.

So if you are promoting the 3 Week Diet, direct linking to this product would mean you are sending traffic straight to their sales page without any intermediate page in between.

It’s very easy, quick, and efficient, but is it worthwhile?

To determine that, we need to look at our alternatives and what our traffic looks like.

Regarding our alternatives, we can create a landing page that takes people straight to this affiliate offer with the click of a button. This landing page can be any sort of pre-frame page, be it a regular page that describes your affiliate offer with more details with a link to their sales page, a review page that reviews one or more products, or an optin page that collects emails before sending people to a thank you page or the affiliate sales page.

How do we know which option to use where?

Well, for any sort of traffic, there is an entire audience you are targeting that is separated into groups – those that want to directly purchase your product, those that are looking for a specific solution to an immediate concern, those that are looking for any solution to an immediate concern, and those that are looking to see whether a solution even exists for their problem.

For people that are actively searching for your product – you should absolutely direct link and send them straight to the affiliate offer.

These are people that have the mindset to buy and are ready to give money if taken to the right page.

If you create an optin form or a review site or something like that, these people are LESS likely to buy because they are not given what they want right away – the opportunity to buy your product.

Next, we have the people who are looking for a specific solution to their specific problem. You CANNOT direct link these people to your offer because they are not sure yet what your product is or whether they should buy it or not amongst other offers. You need to send these people to a landing page that pre-frames them and makes the link between what they are looking for and your specific product.

Next, we have the people who are looking for a solution to their specific problem. They don’t know the range of solutions yet and definitely don’t know about your product, so you need to create a landing/optin page for them that explains to them HOW they can achieve the solution they want, and then what the exact brand of that solution is.

Lastly, we have the group of people that don’t know whether a solution even exists for their problem and they are looking for one.

These are the people you need to take from the very top and explain to them that a solution to their problem does exist, here are the choices they have, and then here is the exact product you need.

The latter 2 audiences are usually the most difficult to persuade and this is where an optin form where you can collect emails would really come in handy so that you can have plenty of time to persuade them and ‘teach’ them from the top.

But direct linking is especially difficult because there are just not that many people actively and specifically searching for your product.

Not to mention the competition that this low demand comes with due to it being the lowest hanging fruit.

So you can definitely find success with direct linking, but the part that most affiliates don’t touch is the latter 3 audiences that come after those that try to directly search for your product.

That’s it!

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10 thoughts on “Why Direct Linking Doesn’t Work (Most of the Time) & When to Direct Link vs. Use a Landing Page”

  1. I use direct link with Youtube videos years ago and man did i lose a lot of money!!! I walked away from affiliate marketing and now i'm jumping back in. This time i'm not leaving money on the table!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Ivan, another great video!! Thanks so much for posting.

    I've had a direct linking campaign from Bing Ads to Clickbank running since the end of August 2019 and have made 11 sales so far. However, each one of the sales resulted from a different keyword, so a consistently converting keyword has not yet been found. Question, from your experience how many sales on average does it typically take to identify a High Conversion / High Search Volume keyword (e.g., 50 sales, 100 sales, etc.), so that I can turn off all of the other non-performing keywords?

    I started off using Phrase match, but I was not getting any conversions (so I switched to Broad match).

    Thanks for your thoughts!!



  3. Hey great info and content… If one wants to direct link like you say with specific kw's where would you suggest one to advertise from what platform? I'm currently on Revcontent?!

  4. Hi I have a concern. I created a landing page on mailchimp and for some reason the link wont work when I post it in my IG bio. Why is that? Help please.

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