Why Dropshipping Is Dead

Why Dropshipping Is Dead

Dropshipping is DEAD because of three different reasons! Watch this video to learn what these reasons are and why dropshipping sucks!

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0:00 Intro
0:03 #1 Reason Dropshipping is Dead
4:53 #2 Reason Dropshipping is Dead
6:27 #3 Reason Dropshipping is Dead


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10 thoughts on “Why Dropshipping Is Dead”

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  2. A more appropriate title: "Why I think dropshipping does not work for me"

    I know people making from 100k – 2 mill a year doing dropshipping. THat's more than many restaurants and small businesses out there. Of course, you don't stay dropshipping.. You start off with dropshipping to test and validate products and branding strategies, then you switch to bulk inventory, either using a 3PL or renting storage space and handling the logistics yourself, possibly with a team if you have a lot of volume, or maybe yourself and a friend or two.

    Online shopping has become TREMENDOUSLY huge due to COVID. So much so to the point that many big corporate businesses are shifting strategies to have better E Commerce focus.

  3. Friends in my circle are doing over 300k a year dropshipping. From China. I'm not there yet but still averaging about 10k a month in profit. Moving onto branding soon. So? What is your point still? 🤣

  4. Dropshipping is simply an online fulfilment method so for dropshipping to die your basically saying buying stuff online is dead. When people like you say dropshipping is dead it just makes me laugh.

  5. Not to be rude but this video is dogshit 😂. First of all you think dropshippers really sell products with only 20% profit margins? I've never even heard of such low margins before? It's usually 50-80% margins before paying for ads. There's always more untapped products being manufactured that have little competition, always different ways to advertise, and always ways to beat your competition if you're smart. I've seen you say "a lot of people I know have failed dropshipping!" maybe because you know people that give up after their first product, or are just plain stupid.

    You said YouTubers lie? You are too lol. Don't discourage people into not trying one of the lowest start-up cost business models ever.

    I'll stick to dropshipping while you make 10-15% profit margins with FBA 😂

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