Why You Need to Be Doing Email Marketing For Your Ecommerce Business

Why You Need to Be Doing Email Marketing For Your Ecommerce Business

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In this video and article we will talk about why you need to be doing email marketing for your ecommerce business and why you need to be spending a lot of time to it.

Why Email Marketing Is So Important

1. High ROI

This is one of the best ROI platforms you can probably use your money for. Come to think about it. With Adwords, you might get only 4x or 5x ROI. But, with email marketing you can get as much as 75x ROI which means for every dollar you sent, you will be able to get as much as 75 dollars back.

2. Convert New Customers

This might not come as a surprise to most of online marketers. But, let me tell you one of the best things about email marketing. For example in my website Bdancewear.com, people sign up to our free “Dance Costume DIY Guide”. This means that if they sign up to our DIY Dance Guide, probably they are also interested in dance costumes. So, once they sign up to our free guide, they will give out their email addresses. Now, as part of my email marketing campaign my next goal is to turn these people into actual paying customers.

3. Get repeat purchases

This is another reason why email marketing is so awesome. Email marketing allows you to let your customers who bought from you once, to buy from you again and again. What I do with my website is that after a week from the day they bought from us, we send them an email about us, giving them value in emails. As a result, we find most of them buying again from us.

Why Email Marketing is So Great

In fact, Facebook ads and email marketing seem to be the most important things to be explored and mastered right now. With the new tools now for email marketing, you can do so many cool marketing stuffs. And, with the tips that my friends, who gained success from email marketing, shared with me about email marketing, I am definitely going to crack this one.

Why It’s Powerful

1. Convert Leads

Email marketing allows you to take advantage of the opportunity that you have once people gave their email addresses to you. You can definitely convince them to buy from you or you can make them actually want to buy from you. They’ll be begging you to take their money.

2. Repeat Buyers

When someone buys from you, part of the process is that they will give their email to you. With this, you are able to engage with them and from that point on you are also able to send them emails. This is when you can entice them to come back again and again.

3. Keep Your Brand on Top of Your Customer’s Mind

You can send them emails asking them if they want to check out a new aspect of your website, check your social media, check your X,Y and Z, etc. Then they will keep seeing these emails from you and then they will be reminded about your company. So, the next time that they will need to buy a product that your company has, your website will most likely be the first site that they will visit and buy from.

4. Promote Your Social Media

You can actually use email marketing to promote your social media channels. In my website Bdancewear.com, I email my customers and tell them that we love to have a picture of them wearing our dance clothing on our Instagram. I love this strategy because it works for us in several different ways. First, they send us testimonial pictures. Second, it allows them to view our Instagram and they will be able to view more pictures of other dancers. Then, once their pictures are posted on our Instagram page, they will tell their friends that their picture is posted there thus inviting more followers on our Instagram page.

If someone buys a product from your website which has an excellent customer service that connects to your customers, along with a good product they will more likely to follow you on social media. This is true for as long as your social media speaks to them as an individual. The key here is to make sure that your Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites are designed in a way that people would want to follow.

5. Cheapest Traffic

Email marketing is one of the cheapest traffic that you can get to your website. It works so well for getting repeat traffic and converting leads.

With Facebook ads and email marketing I think these two things can work so well together .You can use Facebook ads to get people to your website and get their emails. You can then use email marketing to close the sale.

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