Wix Website Tutorial 2022 (Full Beginner’s Guide)

Wix Website Tutorial 2022 (Full Beginner’s Guide)

In this Wix Website Tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know to build your own professional website with WIX!
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Are you looking to create your own website but don’t know how or where to even start? Don’t worry, it’s way easier than you think. In this wix tutorial I’ll walk you through all the steps of creating your own website using wix.

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0:00 Wix Setup
1:35 Templates
2:42 Website Structure
4:38 Upload Media
5:18 Building the Hero Section
15:11 Adding Pages
17:40 Header & Menu
22:46 Footer
24:50 Adding More Content
30:54 Anchors
32:46 Site Design
35:52 Interactive Features & Apps
40:03 Mobile Optimisation
43:26 Publishing / Plans / Custom Domain
48:40 Dashboard
50:43 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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10 thoughts on “Wix Website Tutorial 2022 (Full Beginner’s Guide)”

  1. Considering that more than half the traffic comes from the mobile then a 3 minute mobile tutorial isn't really enough…perhaps a longer video on mobile optimisation would be more appropriate

  2. I tried several times but had to leave your tutorial — for future references for example, at about 7:00 you are showing how to pick a new image for your background — easy to follow so far — but then you pick the image and say "I'm going to click change background" but at that point your pointer is no longer visible and i cannot discover where you actually clicked to change the background — i tried several times — maybe if you used a bigger and bolder pointer and/or go a little slower you'll be able to get more than 78 thumbs up out of 2,030 views — very frustrating — you are creating this as a tutorial for a newbie but talking at a speed that is too fast — thanks

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