Your Key to Successful Affiliate Marketing Sales

Your Key to Successful Affiliate Marketing Sales

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Hey all!

In this video, I talk about the one thing you really need in order to start making money online.

And this mostly applies to promoting affiliate products, but the key here is creativity.

You see, you are so bombarded with ads promising to teach you Facebook ads, Google ads, and so on, that you really forget that there are other traffic sources and ways to promote.

For example rather than create the generic landing page to sales page layout you have been taught about, you can promote a news article instead, and use native advertising to get people to click on those ads. The popular story of people clicking on the ‘Mr. Bean is dead’ news article illustrates the power of these ads.

You can use banner ads, or try entirely different landing page styles, such as using a survey people have to fill out rather than just giving them the product upon entering their email.

One such YouTube also revealed his method for making money online, and that was by messaging YouTube creators and asking them to place his affiliate links in their video descriptions. You can take a step further and actually message blog owners and get them to place your content on their blog.

The traffic here will be so targeted and most likely cheaper than the PPC ads you are used to.

These are just some examples of different ways of promoting than the ones you are probably used to.

My first $1,000 sale actually involved a combination of a landing/sales page, where I introduced myself and made a personalized video on the first page.

One of the big great things you can do to promote online is to introduce YOURSELF and show YOURSELF to the people, rather than just taking them straight to the product. Remember – people buy PEOPLE, not products, so be that person from whom they will buy from.

The basic idea here is to do something no other affiliate will do. Take a high converting, high gravity product, and find a way to promote it that no other affiliate has.

For example some products offer you a nice collection of affiliate tools you can use to promote the products – such as an autoresponder sequence, a landing page zip file, and more.

Rather than just take that generic information presented and use only that, take it, and tailor it to YOUR style. That is something not every affiliate is going to do as it involves extra work they would prefer to stay away from.

If your ad is disapproved, don’t just quit, because that’s what every other affiliate is most likely doing.

Instead, see if you can find a way to get that ad approved. Because if you can, you will take the entire market share for that product and this isn’t something every affiliate is doing.

I remember how when I first started promoting on Bing, the 2 products I was promoting at the time cost me only 5-10 cents per click. Now they are at 50-60 cents per click.

So get in there before the competition does, take a step back and see if you can find a way to promote your products in a way that no other affiliate has.

That’s it!

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8 thoughts on “Your Key to Successful Affiliate Marketing Sales”

  1. Sometimes it's not about making 'the best Facebook ad and funnel', but about finding a way to promote no other affiliate has done before, or is just too lazy to do.

  2. Tons of value. Thanks Ivan. You are right there are so many ways to promote a product nowadays. I'm currently running one campaign on bingads but would love to try native ads with an advertorial as my presale page … So many different ways to promote a product nowadays. The budget can be a problem though.

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