Your On Page SEO Checklist: Get Any Website Ranking In Google

Your On Page SEO Checklist: Get Any Website Ranking In Google

Use this On-Page SEO checklist on any website to ensure it’s fully optimized for ranking at the top of the search results. 🚀

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On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing the elements of a web page that affect your search engine rankings to rank higher for specific keywords.

There are a number of ranking factors that Google considers when ranking websites.
This includes
* The consistency and quality of the content
* The topical relevance of the content
* Keyword distribution
* The URL and internal linking structure
* Among many others

This video breaks down how to do on-page SEO and contains a checklist of on-page SEO techniques that you can use to optimize any website and get it ranking in Google.

00:00 Intro
00:26 What is on-page SEO?
00:57 User Experience
01:31 How to match search intent
02:52 Optimize the on-page content
05:09 Create a clear URL structure
05:49 Keyword Distribution
07:30 Optimize images
08:44 A strong internal linking structure
09:40 Content Strategy

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