YouTube Ads Tutorial | یو ٹیوب پر اشتہار کیسے چلائیں؟

YouTube Ads Tutorial | یو ٹیوب پر اشتہار کیسے چلائیں؟

Exceptional leader in data sciences with 12+ years of experience in leading medium to large size teams across diverse geographic regions. I’ve managed budgets upwards of 150 million dollars and also able to be hands-on within data science, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Developed and groomed career paths for mid-to-senior level data scientists and technical managers. Actively seeking Director/VP/C-level positions for data analytics, products, strategy, governance, policy, applications and restricting misuse.

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10 thoughts on “YouTube Ads Tutorial | یو ٹیوب پر اشتہار کیسے چلائیں؟”

  1. السلام وعلیکم۔۔
    سر یہ طریقہ کار بہتر ہے لائیو اسکرین دکھا کے پریکٹل بہترین ہے۔۔۔
    اللہ آپ سے راضی ہو جاۓ دنیا و آخرت کی کامیابیاں دے۔۔

  2. Thanks for sharing this easy tutorial
    Actually I'm working on premium content but still struggling so one of your best lover suggest me to watch this
    Bcz this a last option which still left to use while all other option i used but no result
    Now i decided to run ad

    Thanks for this teaching dear
    Regards Pakistani 💗

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