YouTube in 2019 – is it too late? (5 Reasons)

YouTube in 2019 – is it too late? (5 Reasons)

Is it too late to start a YouTube channel in 2019? Here is my answer, and 5 reasons to support it!

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In this video, I explain why I do not think it is too late to start a youtube channel in 2019. Many people say it might be, and many potential creators are scared away by this rumor. Most people in the YouTube space will admit that it is not too late to start a channel in 2019 or 2020. Please let me know what you think!

A few brief video notes:
Later is too late

The best way to success in business is to be in business – you develop skills and learn and these are transferable to everything else you do in life

People have been saying it was too late since 2013…

Creators vs users x time spent on the platform

Algorithm change
The lifespan of channels
Statistics on YouTube’s user base and growth
2nd largest search engine in the world, and owned by the first
In 2010, there were 2B views per day, now 1B hours watched per day (average watch time is about 5min), billions of views per day
In the US, more than 1M people cut their cable/satellite TV plan this past quarter
6 of 10 people prefer YT to television
Changing interests of users (4 explosive topics to get discovered)
What if someone else “took your idea”

Benefits: you are in the creator space, create an impact, remember things, personal development



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10 thoughts on “YouTube in 2019 – is it too late? (5 Reasons)”

  1. Well, if it's already too late, I'll be damned 😂

    But yeah, saying that it's too late it's like saying that new TV programs couldn't be aired because there already are other programs. Channels grow, die and change, allowing for new channels to come up.

    Besides, my dudes, the constantly changing algorithm means that the top is unstable and you can always take that place, granted you're half decent. I like what you guys make!

    The speaker point was actually one of the reasons I made myself start my channel, hahaha

  2. Do you think humor is a good enough twist to stand out in a certain niche? For example, I'm pretty funny (I think) and I was considering starting a YouTube channel where I play mobile games with funny voiceovers. Also, thanks for the vid, you and your brother are great people who genuinely help others and don't just try to sell a $1000 course

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