YouTube ads can now be on EVERY VIDEO WORLDWIDE, even non-monetized channels! Some people feel there are too many ads on YouTube, that YouTube ads are getting ridiculous, and they’re asking why are there so many ads on YouTube. They wonder why YouTube ads can run on non-monetized channels now.
Today, I’ll show you the new Terms of Service big changes, explain, and give thoughts on what you need to know about the new YouTube ad changes, and why it matters!

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10 thoughts on “YouTube Pushing MORE ADS ON EVERY VIDEO!”

  1. Yes they are creating hatred towards many companies and products.
    That's all it's about anyway selling products to the consumers..
    We all need to dump these devices and get back to living our lives.

  2. everytime i click on this video ADS! 😡😡😡 usually when there’s an ad i go back and click again. i usually get the video 3rd time. but THIS i’ve been trying about 12 or 13 times… stil ADS. I WANT THE DAM VIDEO THE MOMENT I CLICK ON IT! I WILL NOT WAIT UNTIL ITS OVER. I WANT THE VIDEO NOW!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. Def pull adblockers. I get it, support creators and yeah it’s def not fair to them but I think we as a person come first. It’s so annoying now that ads appear every 5 minutes or so. Plus there’s usually sponsors in videos. Like OMFG, I’m not watching that sponsored crap (I mean, at least that is skip able) I wish someone made a new YouTube or popular video app, With no ads.

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