Youtube SEO Tutorial | Rank #1 on YouTube (Step-by-Step Guide)

Youtube SEO Tutorial | Rank #1 on YouTube (Step-by-Step Guide)

In this YouTube SEO Tutorial I show you step by step how to rank youtube videos fast for specific keywords!
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0:00 Intro
1:12 Keyword Research
9:17 Content Research
12:58 Content Structure
18:02 Record & Edit
19:44 Thumbnail
22:42 Upload & Optimize
35:40 Subtitles
37:29 Publish
38:42 Promote
41:46 Backlinks

You don’t have many subscribers but you still want to know how to get views on youtube? That’s exactly what this video is about!

Your videos can still be found if you learn how to do youtube SEO! You basically need to learn how to rank youtube videos by doing keyword research and then create a video that delivers exactly what people are looking for.

You need to give youtube as many information as possible who your video is for so the youtube algorithm can show it to the right people.

Then once youtube has gained some data on your video, like click-through rate and retention rate, it slowly starts to rank your video higher and higher for the right keywords.

In this video I walk you through step by step how to rank youtube videos fast in 2020 by optimizing you video creation process for the youtube algorithm!

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